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  1. So i understand one thing… apart from the fact that you want the “fat” guy gone, you miss the ban and the soda and YKM saved you one way or another… baala is definately a dumb ass.
    Other than that i totally dont buy your “we have given you our tym” story… thats because
    i think you dont know who is suitable to take over the “fat” guy…
    i believe there is no one who is goin to be better… atleast not now… maybe later

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  2. I have been reading the previous blog posts i gotta say this one here has evolved abit.I now forgive you for all the hurt you caused to my eyes, haha dont take it at hurt.

    But then wike commented some point thats worth giving a bit of time who ?? thats really a big question by many ugandans who think theres no alternative and here is the answer. Some one other than the fat guy.

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  3. Well said, lemme put it into perspective ,one cannot say his mothers cooking is the worst untill he tries his grandmothers cooking(Obote/Amin)…jus like the fat man, u are being groomed in the same kitchen.. Either suck up wats good from the food(wait for him to die slowly and possibly peacefully) or burn the kitchen…(Go to war)…u choose coz he’s obviously not changing the menu.

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  4. Well said, however for the record, I’m not quite sure whether a cheap bun will accomplish an expensive vision, we dnt like the fat man, infact we hate the guy!!But lets face it, one cannot call his mothers cooking bad untill he tastes his grandmothers cooking, since ur also being groomed in the same kitchen I doubt u will change much, so either add spices and suck up wats good or leave and hope to eat better food elsewhere, coz I doubt he’s going to change the menu and neither are you going to burn the kitchen.

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